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Based near Basingstoke, County Tree Care primarily likes to operate locally; we provide insured and qualified tree surgeons in Basingstoke Town Centre and all nearby towns and villages including, Broadmere, Chineham, Old Basign, North Worting & Sherborne St John. That said, we’re more than happy to extend our service area across North Hampshire and Southeast England.

When you choose County Tree Care, you can rest assured you will receive the highest quality tree surgery delivered by fully insured professionals. All tree work is carried out to the British Standards (BS3998), and we hold £5 million public and £10 million employers liability insurance, meaning we are covered for any eventuality.

With complete customer satisfaction at the core of our business, we’ve quickly built an impressive portfolio of commercial and domestic clients alike. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy, transparent, and caring as much about our clients as we do about the trees, plants, and spaces we’re tending to.

But you don’t just need to take our word for it!! We boast a 5 Star Rating on Checkatrade, Yell and Google Business so you can see we really do practice what we preach.

Having worked in the arboricultural industry for over a decade, we possess the skills and experience to complete a vast range of arboreal tasks, some of which are listed below:

Domestic Tree Surgery Basingstoke

Aside from helping our customers to maintain their gardens, we also want to educate people on the services that we offer. More information will help you better understand the processes that can be carried out at your home.

Let’s look at the tree surgery services we offer across the county.

Tree Removal And Tree Felling Basingstoke

Removing trees is often seen as a last resort, but tree removal may be essential to take care of dangerous trees or open up space in your garden.

Tree Pruning Basingstoke

Tree pruning can help keep your trees in tip-top shape by ensuring that oversized canopies remain under control. Undergoing maintenance at this point may save more substantial work further down the line. It can also help light to reach different parts of your garden and open up space so other flora can flourish.

Tree Pollarding Basingstoke

Tree pollarding is a process designed to thin out the upper areas of your trees. Pollarding can not only help to preserve the aesthetic shape of your trees but can also help to extend their longevity by maintaining clear airways.

Emergency Tree Surgeon Basingstoke (24 hour call out)

As much as ongoing maintenance can help increase the safety of your garden area, there will always be times when emergency tree work is needed. We’re available at short notice to help move unsightly or dangerous trees, protecting both you and your property.

Stump Grinding Basingstoke

Stump grinding in Hampshire is a job that requires both expertise and the correct machinery. Trying to remove unwanted tree stumps on your own can lead to lawn damage while also risking the stumps may not be removed entirely. Our trained staff use the very latest tools and can advise on the best course of action for Hampshire stump removal.

Hedge Cutting Basingstoke

Whether your hedges are ornamental or serve as the boundary of your garden, it’s incredibly important that they’re well looked after. Routine maintenance will help to preserve both their beauty and effectiveness. Our Hampshire hedge cutting service is top-rated and can be carried out contractually or ad hoc.

Tree Planting Basingstoke – Trees, Shrubs & Plants

County Tree Care has undertaken many planting projects and, as a result, has an excellent understanding of tree management and cultivation. Our team of arborists will not only plant the trees but can also help you choose and source the best specimen for the location. We also offer a professional re-planting service if you want to change your garden but don’t want to lose your existing trees.

Garden, Land & Site Clearance Basingstoke

Whether it’s leftover garden waste or large-scale vegetation removal, we have the equipment, experience and expertise to tackle any site clearance project. County Tree Care offers our services to commercial and domestic clients, and has assisted numerous landlords, developers and property owners reclaim their outdoor spaces.

Commercial Tree Surgery Basingstoke

Our excellent reputation within the market has seen us working with both commercial and residential clients in Hampshire. Our commercial tree surgery service extends to hospitals, office blocks, civic spaces, and a plethora of other commercial buildings.

Can’t see the tree surgery service you require? Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

At County Tree Care, we aim to make the whole process as streamlined and stress-free as possible. The first step is to arrange a site visit from one of our super tree surgeons. They’ll assess your needs and give you an honest opinion on what we believe is best for both your trees and your property. Following this, we’ll send you a formal quotation, and if you’re happy to go ahead, we can then arrange a convenient day and time to carry out the work.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Tree Surgeon In Basingstoke?

The cost of tree surgery in Basingstoke and across Southeast England can vary greatly, but we always aim to provide the most competitive price without jeopardising the quality of our craft. Many self-proclaimed tree surgeons may offer lower rates, but this is often because they don’t have adequate insurance or training or simply because they plan to cut corners concerning safety and quality.

Below we have put together a rough guideline of how much we charge for tree removaltree fellingstump grinding and hedge trimming. However, please remember that every job has its own specific challenges and considerations, which we must make allowances for in the final price.

Unfortunately, there is no easy or definitive answer regarding how much it costs to remove a tree. The lack of a clear answer can be frustrating for people as work cost is probably the most critical factor for some.

In monetary terms, how much it costs to remove a tree is heavily dependent on numerous factors (outlined below) but generally starts around £100+VAT, but this increases with the complexity and size of the job.

How Big or Tall is the Tree?

As a rule of thumb, the larger the tree, the more complicated, time-consuming and expensive the job. If a tree is tall or widespread, the tree surgeon will take more time accessing parts of the canopy. The contractor will require extra care as the dismantled pieces will be more substantial or have further to fall.

Do parts of the tree overhang buildings or property?

If parts of the tree overhang any buildings or property, we will have to implement additional measures and take more time to help ensure nothing is damaged. For example, we may have to lower using ropes and rigging techniques instead of letting branches free fall, or we may have to take time preparing the ground with ground protection mats.

Is the tree easy to access?

In an ideal world, we could position our truck and chipper as close to the tree as possible to minimise transport of the dismantled tree. This is rarely the case in Surrey and Hampshire, and we will often have to move the tree sections some distance. The level of awkwardness and distance from the tree to the truck will considerably impact the job’s price.

Will the process of removing the tree pose a risk to the public?

If your tree is near a path/road, we may need permission to close the path or implement traffic management. As expected, there are increased costs associated with granting a path closure and traffic management.

Will you dispose of the tree waste?

Like trees, the waste can take up a lot of room, so more often than not, we are asked to remove all the debris from the site. We can, of course, leave the chippings or cordwood if you have use for them, but if you require disposal, we will need to factor that into the price.

Could I not just borrow a chainsaw and fell the tree myself?

DIY tree surgery is certainly NOT something we would advise. Using a chainsaw without the proper training and PPE is dangerous enough, and when you combine that with felling a large tree, it will most likely end in disaster. At County Tree Care, our qualified arborists have the relevant training and experience to tackle any tree safely and with minimum risk to persons or property.

If you need tree removal and/or tree felling in Hampshire, Surrey, or the South East UK, contact us today to arrange a free quotation.

Now we will address the key factors that will affect the cost of the stump grinding job:

What is the diameter of the stump?

As you would expect, the bigger the diameter of the stump, the larger the cost. Stumps of size will take more time due to grinding a higher volume of material, and it will also require a more expensive, powerful grinder. In contrast, smaller stumps will cost much, much less. As a rough guide, we charge from £10 (+VAT) per inch in diameter (a minimum call-out charge may apply).

What is the tree species, and how big are the roots?

Different tree species have different types of root systems; some species’ roots are shallow and short, whereas others can be deep and widespread. For example, cherry tree roots are generally broad, whereas conifers are relatively stubby. Trees with expansive or deep root systems can take several hours to grind out, and this increase in time will increase the price. The species of tree will also determine how hard or soft the wood is, and this, in turn, will also impact the cost. When we price our stump grinding service, we only price for the main body of the stump (the buttress) and the primary lateral roots, but if you require any other root removal, we are more than happy to do this for an added cost.

Where is the stump’s location, and is it easy to access?

The location plays an integral part in calculating the tree stump removal cost. Access difficulties are more noticeable, but we must also consider the ground’s topography and the bedrock’s level. Any uneven ground may pose a safety risk, and high levels of rock in the soil can cause damage to the stump grinder teeth, which will slow down the grinding process.

How many stumps do you require grinding?

We can offer great discounts for grinding multiple stumps on the same day if you have numerous stumps to remove.

Can I not just hire a stump grinder and do it myself?

Stump grinders are available to hire from many tool hire shops throughout Hampshire, Surrey and the South East, but we would certainly NOT recommend hiring one without adequate training. Stump grinders are dangerous pieces of machinery and, if misused, may cause severe injury or damage to property. Stump grinding also requires skill and experience to do it efficiently, so why not leave it to County Tree Care as this will save you effort, time, and risk.

If you need stump grinding & stump removal in Hampshire, Surrey, or the South East UK, contact us today to arrange a free quotation.

When calculating how much it is to cut a hedge, it’s essential to remember that there are quite a few things that can affect the price, and as a result, there is no universal price for cutting hedges. As tree professionals, we assess these considerations autonomously, but we appreciate that these factors may not always be visible. To give you an insight into our pricing process and a rough idea of the costs involved, we have listed some considerations below.

How big is the hedge you require cutting?

The most obvious and vital factor to consider when calculating the hedge cutting cost is the size of the hedge. A large hedge has a more significant surface area to trim and more material to dispose of, which will take more time and increase the price. If your hedge is gigantic, we may also need to use a rope and harness or even a cherry picker (MEWP) to safely access it, all of which will involve added costs.

Where is your hedge located, and is it easy to access?

Secondly, the location of your hedge is also a crucial consideration as, quite often, obstructions make the job more tricky. Common obstacles we have to tackle are garden ornaments, ponds, sheds and greenhouses, all of which will need to be moved or avoided and slow the process down. Likewise, if there are pinch points, slopes, tight corners or narrow access, this tends to make projects longer as it will take more time to get the debris out. Equally, if your hedge is in the rear garden, the trimmings will have further to travel, which will take longer and increase the job’s price.

So how much is it to have a hedge cut?

As previously indicated, there is no average price for cutting hedges, so each hedge will need to be priced individually. To give you a rough idea, we generally charge our hedge trimming service at £90 (+VAT) per hour for a two-person team. If we require climbing equipment, then it will cost roughly £120 (+VAT) per hour. Finally, if we need to use a MEWP (cherry picker), there will be an additional cost of around £350 (+VAT)

Could I not just cut the hedge myself?

If your hedge is relatively small, you could always attempt to cut the hedging yourself, but you will find it very difficult to reach the standard of finish achieved by our skilled arborists. When it comes to larger hedges, this is, without doubt, something you should leave to trained professionals. County Tree Care’s surgeons have all the equipment and knowledge needed to safely and efficiently tackle the most significant hedges.

Contact us today to arrange a free quotation if you need a hedge reduction or hedge cutting in Hampshire or across the Southeast.

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