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County Tree Cares’ insured and qualified tree surgeons provide a vast array of tree surgery services in Farnham and throughout its surrounding areas including Tilford, Runfold, Tongham, Seale, Wrecclesham, Rowledge & Crondall to name but a few.

Our friendly arborists are NPTC or LANTRA certified with extensive experience within the arboricultural industry. They are always delighted to answer any questions and have a genuine passion for their profession. All our arboreal tasks are performed safely and to the highest of standards, following the British Standard’ BS3998‘ guidelines for tree work. County Tree Care, like any other reputable tree surgeon, holds public liability and employers liability cover to the sum of £5 million and £10 million respectively. You can view our insurance documents online here, and qualification certificates are available upon request.

As tree surgeons in Farnham Surrey, we’ve completed hundreds, if not thousands of jobs, big and small, for commercial and domestic clients alike. Whatever you require, you can rest assured County Tree care have the equipment, skill and experience to get the job done.

If you would like to discuss the tree surgery that you have in mind or to arrange a free quotation, contact us today. Give us a call on freephone 0345 835 8123, or use the Contact Form, and one of the County Tree Care team will get back to you ASAP.

When we formed County Tree Care, we made it our goal to help ensure the health of all the trees we work on, while providing total customer satisfaction to every client. As our name would imply, we genuinely do “care” about the preservation of trees, as they not only offer aesthetic beauty but endless benefits to the surrounding wildlife and environment.

Healthy, well-positioned trees are an asset to us all, so where appropriate, we always try to discourage their unnecessary removal. As an alternative, we can suggest other options such as aesthetic pruning techniques that will fulfil your requirements yet retain the tree for years to come.

We undertake all aspects of arboriculture, from the subtle pruning of a protected tree to routine tree maintenance on a portfolio of trees, and significant site clearance projects. We always take time to consult with our clients and discuss all the potential options available along with any costings involved.

County Tree Care invests heavily in the most advanced equipment available to boost productivity and help our staff work safely and efficiently. We have customised transit tippers with arboricultural bodies, Low emission Forst petrol woodchippers, Stihl electric saws and hedge trimmers, 16ft Tripod ladders, stump grinders, specialist rigging equipment, pole pruners and much, much more.

We put safety first; the arboricultural industry has a very high potential for damage to property and personal injury. County Tree Care take great pride in having an excellent record for Health & Safety, which we achieve through attention to detail, thorough planning and in-depth training. All our climbing and rigging equipment is examined every six months by a third party LOLER approved inspector as per HSE requirements.

Some of the services available from your local tree surgeon Farnham:

Tree Felling Farnham

Tree felling involves the taking down of a single tree or group of trees either as a whole “straight felling” or in pieces “sectional felling”. ​Both techniques require skill and precision, so any felling operations are carried out by our experienced, qualified and insured tree fellers.

Your Farnham tree surgeon will assess the tree and surrounding areas on an individual basis, to decide which method is most appropriate, safe and time-effective. If needed, we will use signs, cones or even traffic management to warn and protect the public.

Tree Removal Farnham

The most exceptional tree removal Farnham has to offer, our Farnham tree surgeons have successfully and safely removed countless trees of all species, shapes and sizes.

We can remove and dispose of a high number of trees from any site or premises in a remarkably short space of time. Our high-performance, fuel-efficient wood chipper uses sharp blades fixed on a flywheel to “chip” the trees into much smaller pieces. We generally remove the wood chip from the site but do have clients that like to keep these for landscaping, gardening or equestrian purposes.

Tree Pruning Farnham

From fruit tree pruning Farnham to deadwood removal on veteran oak trees, the team at County Tree Care call on numerous tree pruning techniques dependent on your goals and the health, type and shape of the tree.

Crown Reductions Farnham

There are multiple benefits to carrying out a crown reduction on a tree. When reducing a tree, we generally define the amount removed in metres from each limb, but we can also express the amount as a percentage in total volume, i.e. reduced by 30%. Reducing the size and spread of a tree will reduce the physical stress on limbs and unions, which helps to avoid failures and will also allow more light penetration into your outdoor spaces.

Crown Lifting Farnham

Crown lifting is another common tree pruning technique, which involves removing the lower branches of a tree, creating an increased distance from the ground to the lowest part of the crown. Crown lifting is an excellent option if you want to increase the level of light to an area underneath the tree, and also if you require improved access under the crown. Low limbs can pose a potential risk to passing vehicles or people, so we most commonly carry out this method of pruning over paths or roads with the use of cones, signs and traffic management systems. Crown lifting will be specified by a distance in metres from a fixed point of reference, usually the ground.

Crown Cleaning & Dead Wooding Farnham

Dead Wooding refers to the removal of dying, diseased or dead wood from the crown of the tree. The process of crown cleaning involves dead-wooding while also giving attention to crossed branches, snags & complications caused by previous poor pruning, e.g. the re-pruning of stubs. As part of our comprehensive crown cleaning process, we can also control, manage or remove climbing plants, such as ivy and tend to any damaged, weak or windblown debris.

Tree Pollarding Farnham

Pollarding is an oppressive pruning system, which controls the final size of a tree. In the past was administered for the production of wood commodities. The process required the removal of the main stem from young trees, which releases dormant buds promoting multi-stemmed growth.

We now utilise pollarding for a broader range of reasons; for example, it is a very efficient way to limit the amount of shade cast by a large tree situated in a confined area. In urban and built-up areas, we also use pollarding to prevent trees from outgrowing their surroundings where they may interfere with overhead cables or neighbouring structures.

As mentioned previously, tree pollarding is the most severe form of pruning, and for that reason should be reserved for trees of a particular type, size and species. The species of tree that are most suitable for pollarding include Willow, Ash, Lime, Poplar and Plane. We find, for these species at least, it can be a handy way to promote rejuvenation and the longevity of the tree.

Unless previously pollarded, the pollarding of mature trees is risky, and you should only undertake this when no other options are sufficient. An example of this would be if the tree has structural weakness main stem or crown, and this poses a danger, or it’s considered unsuitable for its current location. Pollarding is often utilised as an alternative to complete removal, as it allows us to retain hazardous, mature trees for future generations.

Tree Stump Removal Farnham

As part of our 360-degree tree surgery package, we have the equipment to remove any tree stumps of any size in any location. The removal of stumps allows you to reclaim your outdoor space making it ready for re-turfing, landscaping or planting. Tree stumps are not only unsightly but if they aren’t visible, can become a trip hazard and damage expensive garden equipment. They can also harbour for pests such as mice and rats or root diseases like honey fungus.

Different methods of stump removal include:

Digging out the stump: Without the use of an excavator, this will be extremely labour intensive and may not be possible if the stump is big and deep-rooted. There will also be a significant amount of ground disturbance along with the risk of damaging any surrounding walls, patios, driveway, drains or underground utilities.
Burning out the stump: This method is rarely practical and infrequently works, not to mention the health and safety issues attached to it.
Chemical Stump Remover: Chemical stump remover and Eco-Plugs only prevent further growth and speed up the rotting process. Chemical remover is not very environmentally friendly, and you must keep children and animals at a distance for some time. Eco-Plugs avoid the issue of contamination but are not an instant solution like stump grinding.
Stump Grinder: Stump grinding is, without doubt, the most efficient way to remove a stump. Stump grinders are powerful machines that breakdown stumps into small chippings that you can use around the garden or leave to rot down over a couple of weeks. If you’re looking to remove your stump quickly with very little ground disturbance, stump grinding is undoubtedly the best solution.

Stump Grinding Farnham

Stump grinders make quick and easy work of removing stumps, but if misused, they have the potential to cause considerable damage to property or even loss of life. Our stump grinding professionals have undergone all the necessary training required to operate these machines both safely and productively.

Hedge Trimming Farnham

Hedges are perfect for privacy, especially if you’re looking for a more natural look than fences or brickwork. Although, if left unmanaged, they can quickly become a real nightmare and cause trouble with your neighbours and local planning authority. You should make sure your hedges don’t become too tall, imposing and most importantly they must not obstruct roads or pathways. Regular maintenance will ensure your hedges remain in good shape, level and pleasing to the eye.

The regularity of your hedge maintenance program is highly dependant on the species. Conifer hedges, for example, are incredibly fast-growing and may even require cutting twice a year, whereas beech hedges are much slower to grow much so require trimming less frequently. The species of the hedge will also determine what time of year we carry out the work along with restrictions due to nesting bird season.

Hedge removals, however, can be completed all year round and we have all the equipment required to remove your hedge entirely. Total hedge removals are often requested if a hedge becomes unruly, diseased or in preparation for a fence to be erected. Once the hedge we remove the hedge you will be left with a series of stumps which we can price to grind out with one of our super stump grinders. What’s best is we offer substantial discounts for multiple stumps at the same location.

Similar to trees, hedges come in many shapes and sizes. At County Tree Care, we have all the equipment needed to tackle even the most towering hedges with speed and safety. Our equipment ranges from telescopic hedge cutters and tripod ladders to cherry pickers and pole pruners. Needless to say, whatever your hedge requirements we’ve got you covered.

Garden, Land & Site Clearance Farnham

County Tree Care are specialists in the delivery of site and garden clearance services for commercial and domestic clients across Farnham, Surrey and the south-east. As a medium-sized business, we have the workforce, tools and expertise to process an incredible amount of trees, hedging and vegetation in a short time. So whether you have an overgrown garden, you need reclaiming or a large site that needs clearing for development, contact us today so we can discuss your requirements.

Ivy Removal Farnham

If well maintained, ivy and creeper may be a welcome decoration to walls or buildings. Still, if left to grow unmanaged, it can quickly take hold and become out of control, attaching itself to anything in reach.

Ivy and creeper can work their way under roof tiles and into gaps in brickwork etc. resulting in physical damage and other issues that will prove costly to fix. Ivy and creeper are also known to cause problems such as damp because when it rains, the leafy covering means the surfaces take much longer to dry out. We’ve found that people are becoming much more aware of the need to keep their ivy trimmed and well maintained. It’s for this reason that our ivy removal and pruning service has become so popular.

How do I find a good tree surgeon in Farnham Surrey?

Unfortunately, just going on google and searching tree surgeon near me or local tree surgeon is not going to be enough to find the best, most professional tree surgeon. As we highlighted earlier, you must be sure the tree surgeon has adequate insurance and the correct training to carry out the task in hand. County Tree care has £5 million public and £10 employers liability cover, plus our arborist have all undergone extensive amounts of training and hold the relevant qualifications to tackle pretty much any arboreal task. Once you have checked the prospective tree contractor is insured and qualified, we recommend you research them online. Any reputable tree company should have a robust online presence and will also be members of organisations such as Checkatrade or Which? Trusted traders. These organisations vet and make checks on companies to see if they are legitimate and also offer a platform where clients can leave reviews. County Tree Care has had some fantastic feedback online, including over 650 reviews on Checkatrade and 60 reviews on our Google business profile. Google “County Tree Care” and check us out today, we pride ourselves on our reputation and transparency.

So for superior quality tree surgery Farnham wide and beyond, contact us today on 0345 835 8123, or use the Contact Page here.



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