Tree Surgery Costs & Pricing

How much does hedge cutting cost?

When calculating how much it is to cut a hedge, it's essential to remember that there are quite a few things that can affect the price, and as a result, there is no universal price for cutting hedges. As tree professionals, we assess these considerations autonomously, but we appreciate that these factors may not always

How much does stump grinding cost?

Now we will address the key factors that will affect the cost of the stump grinding job: What is the diameter of the stump? As you would expect, the bigger the diameter of the stump, the larger the cost. Stumps of size will take more time due to grinding a higher volume of material, and

How much does it cost to remove or fell a tree?

Unfortunately, there is no easy or definitive answer regarding how much it costs to remove a tree. The lack of a clear answer can be frustrating for people as work cost is probably the most critical factor for some. In monetary terms, how much it costs to remove a tree is heavily dependent on numerous

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