Now we will address the key factors that will affect the cost of the stump grinding job:

What is the diameter of the stump?

As you would expect, the bigger the diameter of the stump, the larger the cost will be. Stumps of size will take more time due to grinding a higher volume of material, and it will also require a more expensive powerful grinder. In contrast, smaller stumps will cost much much less, as a rough guide we charge from £10 (+VAT) per inch in diameter (a minimum call-out charge may apply).

What is the tree species and how big are the roots?

Different tree species have different types of root systems; some species’ roots are shallow and short, whereas others can be deep and widespread. For example, cherry tree roots are generally broad, whereas conifers are relatively short. When we price our stump grinding service we only price for the main body of the stump (the buttress) and the immediate lateral roots but if you require any further roots removing we are more than happy to do this for an added cost. Trees with expansive or deep root systems can take several hours to grind out, and this increase in time will be reflected in the price quoted. The species of tree will also determine how hard or soft the wood is, and this, in turn, will also impact the cost.

Where is the location of the stump, and is it easy to access?

The location plays an integral part in the calculation of the tree stump removal cost. Access difficulties are more noticeable, but we will also need to take into account the topography of the ground, the level of bedrock. Uneven ground may pose a safety risk, and high levels of rock in the soil can cause damage to the stump grinder teeth, which will slow down the grinding process.

How many stumps do you require grinding?

If you have numerous stumps to remove we can offer great discounts for grinding multiple stumps on the same day.

Can I not just hire a stump grinder and do it myself?

Stump grinders are available to hire from many tool hire shops throughout Hampshire, Surrey and the South East, but we would certainly NOT recommend hiring one without adequate training. Stump grinders are dangerous pieces of machinery and if misused, may cause severe injury or damage to property. Stump grinding also requires skill and experience to do it efficiently, so why not leave it to County Tree Care as this will save you effort, time, and risk.

If you need stump grinding & stump removal in Hampshire, Surrey or the South East UK contact us today to arrange a free quotation.