Unfortunately, there is no easy or definitive answer as to how much it costs to remove a tree, which can be frustrating for people as it is probably the most critical question when you have a troublesome tree to tackle.

In monetary terms, how much it costs to remove a tree is heavily dependent on numerous factors (outlined below) but generally starts around £100+VAT, but this increases with the complexity and size of the job.

How Big or Tall is the Tree?

As a rule of thumb, the larger the tree, the more complicated, time-consuming and therefore expensive the job will be. If a tree is tall or widespread, the tree surgeon will take more time accessing parts of the canopy. Extra care will also be required as the dismantled pieces will be more substantial or have further to fall.

Do parts of the tree overhang buildings or property?

If there are parts of the tree that overhang any buildings or property, we will have to implement additional measures and take more time to help ensure nothing is damaged. For example, we may have to lower using ropes and rigging techniques as opposed to letting branches free fall, or we may have to take time preparing the ground with ground protection mats.

Is the tree easy to access?

In an ideal world, we would be able to position our truck and chipper as close to the tree as possible to minimise transport of the dismantled tree. In Surrey and Hampshire, this is rarely the case, and we will often have to move the sections of the tree some distance. The level of awkwardness and distance from the tree to the truck will have a considerable impact on the price of the job.

Will the process of removing the tree pose a risk to the public?

If your tree is in proximity to a path/road, we may need to get permission to close the path or implement traffic management. As expected, there are increased costs associated with both the granting of a path closure and traffic management.

Will you dispose of the tree waste?

Just like trees, the waste can take up a lot of room, so more often than not, we are asked to remove all the debris from the site. We can, of course, leave the chippings or cordwood if you have use for them but if you require disposal, we will need to factor that into the price.

Could I not just borrow a chainsaw and fell the tree myself?

DIY tree surgery is certainly NOT something we would advise, using a chainsaw without the proper training and PPE is dangerous enough and when you combine that with felling a large tree, it will most likely end in disaster. At County Tree Care, our qualified arborists have the relevant training and experience to tackle any tree in any location safely and with minimum risk to persons or property.

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